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Fadi Barrak, Maher Almasri

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2 full days of hands-on training on cadavers 1 full day of intensive lectures A ratio of two delegates per cadaver head, maximising the training experience Register your nurse to train in complex implant surgical nursing alongside you – please call us to book. Day 1 Lectures Surgical anatomy with emphasis on advanced augmentation procedures Sinus floor elevation and augmentation procedures Sinus pathology, recognition and management GBR procedures Block grafting Soft tissue grafting procedures Evidence based treatment planning Prevention and management of complications Day 2 and 3 hand-on workshops on cadavers Anatomy review Avoiding complications Sinus floor elevation procedures: Crestal approach – conventional and newer atraumatic techniques Lateral wall approach sinus floor elevation and augmentation Sinus anatomy including the medial wall in relation to ENT procedures Block grafting techniques Harvesting from the chin and ramus Recipient site preparation and graft fixation Flap design and management Soft tissue grafting procedures: Free and pedicle flaps Alternatives to autogenus flaps Management of complications

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