Associate Dentist

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Dentist Job Duties:
Instruct patients on how to care for their mouths and teeth on their own
Increase clients through marketing services and creative practice options
Examine and diagnose patients via routine check-ups and tools such as x-ray machines
Consult with patients about dental options to discuss treatment of the mouth and teeth
Keep accurate records of patient visits, diagnosis and treatment
Implement clinical treatment of mouth and teeth conditions such as gum disease and tooth decay
Managing and training other dental staff or dental practice managers
Plan and manage budgets of dental practice
Purchase equipment and maintain equipment inventory as needed
Recommend both prescription and non-prescription products, such as toothpaste, mouthwash, etc., for optimal care of patients' mouth and teeth
Stay updated on patient care, new technology and new products that can improve or treat patient conditions or improve overall health
Keep all certifications, registrations and insurance current in accordance with national laws and regulations
Maintain sanitary environment for patient care and examination