The mission and what we can do for you:

Dental professionals should enjoy a successful stimulating and enjoyable career. Our course database is is intended to enable the full range of Dental professionals to access the full range of Courses for the entire Dental team.

We have collated our data from various sources and would like to ensure that it is accurate, complete an kept up to date. We require your help in this. Please check the data we have about the courses you will be running as well as online courses that you offer. Please use the course uploader to update your courses. If this is not convenient or you would like to discuss our role please contact us by email  ( 

There will be no charge for our listing your courses. This is a service to the Dental community and we aim to maintain a complete up to date database in order to optimise the utility that the profession will enjoy from our service.

Promotional opportunities:

We offer various promotional opportunities for Course Providers.

Featured courses

We will ensure that your courses stand out in our database. We will place your course at the top of the list with a large eye-catching image. We will also provide a click-through link direct to your booking page.

Display advertising

We’d love to help promote your business to our audience. We offer a range of website display advertising, including homepage and sidebar display adverts, banner adverts, sponsored posts, giveaways, targeted social media promotions, and brand collaborations.

Active promotion of courses to our database

Practice Exchange have built an incredibly large database of Dental professionals in the UK. We also have a large following on all social media platforms. We will activity promote your courses on social media and through email marketing. The Practice Exchange newsletter goes out fortnightly to a large audience, and we love sharing exclusive content, deals, competitions and branded content with our audience on the newsletters.